• - The use in general of forward contracts for the supply of the local market with oil products by STIR, the supply of the refinery with raw materials and the export of certain semi-finished products.
  • - In some cases, the use of spot markets by STIR if necessary or following operating constraints.

  • - All purchases and exports made by STIR are to be undertaken on a competitive basis by inviting tenders, with exceptions falling within the framework of bilateral or other relations.

  • - These calls for tenders are made to suppliers-customers registered on a list set out and preselected in advance.

  • - Any company wishing to take part in the consultations conducted by STIR must be first incorporated in this list.

  • - The incorporation of any company in this list is on the basis of selection criteria that are predefined, set and endorsed by the Company's supervisory and deliberative bodies.


Any company wishing to join the shortlisted suppliers-customers of STIR must fill out the downloadable questionnaire (in both English and French versions) and send it back with the required documents to the following email address:



The request will be scored on the basis of predefined criteria relating to:

-         Turnover.

-         Shareholders equity for the last 3 years.

-         The operating results for the last 3 years

-         The bank details

-         The refining capacity if existing

-         Corporation seniority*

-         Customer references in the oil industry


* It should be noted that if the company generated a loss for one of the reference years, the request will not be accepted and the same for corporate seniority, if it is less than 5 years (the request will not be accepted).

In addition, the request will be examined before the relevant committee, and the company concerned will be informed of the outcome of the request it made.

Any company selected will be consulted on the launching of the call for tenders in the import and export of oil products. The company will be called upon to focus on the products that it can sell or buy from STIR and provide us with the contact details of the person in charge.


Thus these companies will be required to:


* Download the attached questionnaire in French and English. and

* Submit all the documents provided for in this questionnaire with a letter of interest from a person having the power or authority to bind the company.

* Submit all these documents (original copies) personally or by post to the following address: BP 45 / 46-7018 Bizerte, la Tunisie.

* Any missing document will cause the procedure to be re-launched by the STIR.

For any further information, please contact us via the aforementioned email.




Nom ou raison sociale de l’Entreprise habilitée à soumettre des offres et à conclure des éventuelles transactions avec la STIR. S’il s’agit d’une filiale, la Garantie de la maison mère est exigée.


N° de Registre de commerce


Nom des personnes habilités à signer les engagements pour l’Entreprise


Chiffre d’affaire durant les 3 dernières années (couvrant au moins 50% des importations annuelles globale P.P soit 700 M$/an)

30 points (10 points/an pour tout CA sup ou égal à 1000 M$ et au prorata pour le chiffre d’affaires entre 700 M$ et 1000 M$

Capitaux propres pour les 3 dernières années représentent 30 % min de l’actif

10 points

Résultat des 3 dernières années doit être bénéficiaire (Eliminatoire)

20 points

Attestation et référence bancaire d’au moins deux banques de renommé international


10 points

Capacité de raffinage

10 points

Avoir une ancienneté d’au moins 5 ans sur la scène internationale dans le domaine du trading des PP (Eliminatoire)

10 points

Référence avec au moins 3 grandes sociétés de renommée internationale

10 points

Note totale

100 points


Le fournisseur/client ayant obtenu une note inférieure à 70/100 ou une note éliminatoire (au moins un résultat déficitaire durant les 3 dernières années ou une ancienneté inférieure à 5 ans) ne sera pas retenu.