The Tunisian Company of the Refining Industries STIR, was created in 1961 following an agreement between the Tunisian State and the Italian group ENI. Its purpose is the refining of crude oil in order to satisfy the needs of the national market in petroleum products.

Since its tunisification in 1975, the STIR has become a public company with the responsibility to cover all the needs of the country in petroleum products.

In this context, the import activity of all fuels and fuels was entrusted to the STIR in 1999.

In 2001, the needs of the local market, which reached 3.8 million tons of all products combined, were covered by the STIR activities in production and import. The turnover of the STIR surpassing for the first time 1 billion Tunisian dinars class, according to the Economist Maghrebin, and the Economy to the first rank of the Tunisian companies.



Starting the construction works by an Italian company SNAM PROGETTI.


Starting production.


Repurchase of foreign participation by the Tunisian government.


The nominal capacity of the refinery moved from 1.000,000 to 1500,000 T/year Following revamping of the primary distillation unit.


Revamping of the drilling platform, the capacity of which moved from 150,000 To 220.000/year.


Cleaning of the primary distillation unit as part of an energy control program bringing the refining capacity to 1.700.000 T/year.


Increase of the capacity of the catalytic reforming unit to 240.000 T/year following the installation of a plate exchanger in addition to a recontracting section.


STIR has become fully responsible for the importing of all the country’s needs in oil products.


Certification of STIR Quality Insurance System for production and marketing according to the ISO 9000 reference.


Accreditation of the laboratory ISO 17025.


Certification ISO 9001 version 2015.


Certification ISO 27001 version 2013.